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When in French Riviera


When in French Riviera… by the famous glamorous beach resorts… Saint-Tropez and Cannes, and Monaco… Paths connecting many coastal villages and towns… What a holiday destination… Definitely should be on your must-do list…


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My Passion


MY LIFE MOTTO… Getting away… Doing something fun and adventurous… Seeing cool things, and meeting different people… Traveling is one of the most life-affirming things you can do for yourself… it transforms you on so many levels… It provides happiness and satisfaction long after the trip is over

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A Little piece of paradise in Barbados


At Sandy Lane Beach, Saint James, Barbados…

Treat yourself to a little luxury… Life’s too short just to think about it…

Enjoying the white sands and the blue Carribean….

One of the nicest beaches I have been to….

Everything you could wish for…

Sandy Lane Beach, St. James, Barbados
Sandy Lane Beach, St. James, Barbados

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Paris je t’aime…


April is the best month of year to visit the most romantic City in the world… Paris… It feels wonderful to witness Spring here… and my Paris vacation is ON

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When In Andara Resort & Villas


This is one of the most spacious and luxurious resorts I have ever been to… Gorgeous views out over Kamala Beach… Beautifully appointed public areas… Restaurant & surrounds have beautiful views… Wonderful food… Probably best resort gym in Phuket…

So much to list about this resort


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The fifth fashion capital


Florence, The home to masterpieces of art and architecture… And it is becoming the world’s fifth fashion capital… That is why I didn’t miss the January Fashion week there…


There’s no denying the city is breathtaking… That was one of the most beautiful castles surrounded by a greeny mood… Wearing casual denim and comfy boots…

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My last dinner in Colombia


This is where I had dinner on my last night in Colombia… I was amazed by its decoration… Classy mix of black and white… Vintage tables… Comfy and cosy sofas… It felt so fresh and relaxing having my last Colombian meal here…



Since it was dinner with close friends… Went for a casual outfit… White lace top and a black blazer… As for the hair and makeup as usual kept it natural…

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Necker Island: an experience like no other


Necker Island is a 74-acre (300,000 m2) island in the British Virgin Islands just north of Virgin Gorda. The whole island operates like a resort and can accommodate up to 28 guests.

A Private Island Paradise!

This is barefoot luxury in a setting that’s just about as exclusive as it gets. Necker Island is located in the Caribbean in the beautiful and unspoiled British Virgin Islands…

Never seen such sandy white beaches & that crystal clear water… It takes you to a whole different level of relaxation & freedom…

One word of warning: once you’ve seen the world in Necker colours, you might not want to leave!


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Colombia’s serenity


Even if you live in a vibrant city like London and have an exciting job and active social life, nothing can replace the unique experiences traveling offers… Colombia is my new destination…

Colombia is the most bio-diverse country per square meter in the world. … With its vast rain forests, sprawling savannas, huge mountains… Can’t wait to discover it…

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