Spring Breeze


Finally Spring season kicked off… Morning walks in the sun… The green trees breeze all over me… Just being there and watching the nature waking up make my days much brighter…


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Back to My London


It feels wonderful to be back to London… Cold nights by the fire… cookies and healthy fruits taste best at my one and only London…


In addition that London weather is perfect to wear my furry items… the above is one of my favorite white fur jackets…

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Quick fashion Tips

I never gave fashion tips on my blog; but I would like to share the below quick small tips that I stick to when getting dressed every morning:


  • Think about where you are going and what other people there might wear
  • Always accessorize: a Hat might to the job
  • Do your hair only after you are dressed; focus on the outfit first and your hairstyle should go with it not the opposite
  • Put on makeup last to avoid smearing it or getting it on your clothing while dressing

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Red Bag Statement


Winter outfits are usually pretty think and made of dark colors… That is why we need to twisted a little bit 😉 … so you need to find your statement accessory for your winter outfits…

Check out mine red leather cross-body bag by one the most luxurious British leather goods and personalized stationery, “Est 1887 Smythson Bond Street”…


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Hats Obsession


Floppy hats are definitely the obsession now… wide brimmed hats, they look like the witches’ hats or some kind of a combo of the fedora…

They instantly give that celebrity vibe to your look and make you look more sophisticated… There are many styles and you can get any character you wish… Chic mom, effortless, red carpet star, Parisian gal….


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My London Street Style


AS Classy as it gets! check out my attached street style, walking down Hyde Park, single warm colors and classical designs.

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Man2ouché Clutch


#Man2ouche… A Lebanese traditional pastry… you can’t miss it when you visit #Lebanon… Whether topped with #thyme, cheese or even meat… Definitely a Must-try 😉


Well this is not a man2ouche in the above attached picture it is actually a clutch in the shape of a man2ouche… Such a creative idea and don’t worry I was also fooled when I first saw it
Stay tuned for many more creative clutches…

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