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My Classy Bottega Veneta


Women who wear black lead colorful lives… Loving my black classy Bottega Veneta…

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Take me back… Stars on Board

Throwback to these wonderful breaks while shooting the new season of “Chati Bahr El Hawa” on MBC during Stars on board cruise… just hanging out in Euro cafes… Sharing stories and life experiences with these elegant fun ladies… It was such a pleasure getting to know them more…


The Bahranian actress Shaima Sabt & the Lebanese Dr. Angie kassabie



With Dr. Angie Kassabie  and the Syrian Actor Kosai Khauli


Amazing photo taken by my dearest Media Consultant Eliane El Hajj,

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With the pop star “Ramy Ayach” on “Stars on Board”


We had the chance to be in one place at the same time…

Stars on Board gathered us!

I had the chance to meet the young and talented pop star Ramy Ayach…

He has a very nice sense of humor and a wonderful genuine positive energy… Not to mention his great songs!!!


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La République des Créateurs


I have presented to you yesterday a blog post about the distinguish seasonal store I ran into in Marseille France… when “Stars on board” cruise landed in this city…

This store has some vintage items… You can only found such items in concept or seasonal European stores… Check out some of them in the attached pictures…

N.B. Seasonal store can get you so inspired 😉

12204758_10156176885910621_1827070390_n 12212407_10156176885955621_109204252_n

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When Stars on board cruise stopped in Marseille


Stars on board cruise stopped in many European cities one of them was the French city Marseille…

I got to walk around its authentic and vintage streets…

I came across this wonderful seasonal store “La République des Créateurs” and I found some distinguish items and pieces as you can see in the attached photos…

Check out these cutest rings I found!

12204609_10156174272410621_1550912494_n 12207944_10156174272390621_675369907_n

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From “Stars on board” with love


This is the first time in my life I get to meet all these beautiful people gathered in one place…

I got to know the Arab artist much more… I loved their culture their energies and most of all their welcoming spirit…

12188657_10156171591865621_1197656469_n 12204759_10156171591255621_24629214_n

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Stars on Board… One of a kind experience


I have been traveling all my life… I have visited all the European cities several times… I never expected that I would feel that excited when visiting them with the wonderful stars from Stars on Board…

It just seemed so different to visit these cities and be in the middle of the sea with all these wonderful people… I feel so blessed to have met all of these stars… so overwhelmed by their STARdust 😉


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Back from “Stars on board”


The amazing trip with the stars came to an end… this was the moment when we reached Genoa: our last destination… the MBC team was there to interview us and get our feedback …

It was hard to share the moment right from board since there was no network… Stay tuned I would be posting all the wonderful stories 😉


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Cruise dress


“Stars on Board” is coming soon I am extremely excited to be part of this yearly cruise… I have started preparing the outfits that I would like to wear…

Dresses would be my first choices to wear on the cruise… Short ones… bright colors… Sexy design… Check out in the picture above the lights green short dress that will go first into my suitcase 😉

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