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My Classy Bottega Veneta


Women who wear black lead colorful lives… Loving my black classy Bottega Veneta…

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Launching of Stars On Board 6

At the launching of the new season of Stars on Board Cruise number 6 … Can’t wait to share this experience with all the Stars


It was such a pleasure meeting the legend Georges Wassouf … Amazing personality… Genuine spirit…


Catching up where we left with my talented friend kosai khaulii…

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Take me back… Stars on Board

Throwback to these wonderful breaks while shooting the new season of “Chati Bahr El Hawa” on MBC during Stars on board cruise… just hanging out in Euro cafes… Sharing stories and life experiences with these elegant fun ladies… It was such a pleasure getting to know them more…


The Bahranian actress Shaima Sabt & the Lebanese Dr. Angie kassabie



With Dr. Angie Kassabie  and the Syrian Actor Kosai Khauli


Amazing photo taken by my dearest Media Consultant Eliane El Hajj,

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Back from “Stars on board”


The amazing trip with the stars came to an end… this was the moment when we reached Genoa: our last destination… the MBC team was there to interview us and get our feedback …

It was hard to share the moment right from board since there was no network… Stay tuned I would be posting all the wonderful stories 😉


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