Express your uniqueness


A woman’s clothing truly reflects what’s inside, the Beautiful you… I so agree with my Chanel on that… Ladies!  Look Beautiful and Noticeable wherever you go… Express your uniqueness inside and out…

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My favorite Louboutin’s quotes

There is no doubt that Louboutin is one of the most luxurious shoe brands of all time…

I adore their designs and quality…

The designer Christian Louboutin has some outstanding shoes quotes… Check them out…





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Shoes… a confidence recipe


As girls… we just love shoes… and we know that we look good in them…

We are more confident when we believe we look good…

With more confidence we can hold our head up and feel like we can do anything, therefore expanding their horizons and possible making the world a better place…

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Have the courage to…


This is one of my very favorite quotes for Einstein … It celebrates uniqueness and embraces the idea that in order to live, we must not follow, but lead ourselves…

Many influential people in the world walked alone, they realized their potential was only limited when they went with the flow… Have the courage to express yourself and be the person you believe to be…

It makes me kind of wonder why he addressed it to women!

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…How Strong you believe


I have been thinking a lot of my first blog post, I would like to share something personal, reflecting who I am and that you can benefit from in a way or another!

… So here is one of the quotes that I keep reminding myself every single day, no matter where I am and what I am going through…. At the end of the day it is all about YOU and how strong YOU believe in yourself, this strength can’t help but to make others believe in you even more…

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