Maison Michel

Maison M Straw Hats


The classiest accessory a lady can wear… This straw hat by Maison Michel – one of the most prestigious fashion houses – ads a genuine and elegant touch to your Summer outfits…

Check out the below outfit ideas


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Hats Obsession


Floppy hats are definitely the obsession now… wide brimmed hats, they look like the witches’ hats or some kind of a combo of the fedora…

They instantly give that celebrity vibe to your look and make you look more sophisticated… There are many styles and you can get any character you wish… Chic mom, effortless, red carpet star, Parisian gal….


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My Classical denim look


Denim is strongly back…

For a denim classy look, check out the above attached outfit…

  • Jeans and denim jacket with different denim shades
  • black basic
  • my black “Masion M” hat
  • Light blue “Hermes”
  • “Fendi” sunglasses

This outfit suits perfectly a cruise 😉

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Hats on Board

12201031_10156182092990621_406967788_n 12204608_10156182093000621_2048639449_n

It is pretty obvious so far how much I like hats… It is the classier accessory a girl can wear…

During Stars on Board cruise the hat I wore the most was a classical black hat by Maison Michel…

When the cruise stopped in Marseille I also found this casual grey hat in Marseille in the picture below…


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My first winter outfit


Summer vacations are almost over… Back to London, where it has been raining for the past few days and it started getting colder…

First winter outfit revealed!

  • Handbag by chanel
  • Shoes by Alexandra Wang
  • Hat by Maison Michel
  • Pancho by D.Exterior

Brace yourselves Winter outfits are coming…

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‘Maison Michel’ Hats


I am a big fan of Hats… Whether it is the summer or the winter season…

“Maison Michel” is one of my favourite’s brands…. Recognized for its expertise in experimenting with new shapes and materials… the company creates hats for the studios of the world’s most prestigious fashion houses like Chanel & Dior…


Twitter: @shirinhossein

Instagram: @shirinhossein

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