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When travelling… Do it with style


Travelling, discovering new places and getting to know new people are my favourite things to do… I just feel so alive…

When travelling we are always on a hurry…. worried… we find ourselves not even having time to pick the right outfit… For that matter we can at least pick our classic accessories to make sure that we are always in style 😉

In the attached picture you can see;

  • Classy Chanel Handbag
  • Louis Vitton suitcase
  • Patterned Fendi Sunglasses

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A fresh meeting outfit


“You can get anything that you want if you dress for it”

I so believe in this saying… I had meeting couple of weeks ago… I was a little bit nervous and worried… but what truly calmed me down is the outfit I chose…

  • IRO Jacket
  • Stella MCCartney trousers
  • Hermes Kelly Bag
  • Louis Vitton shoes

The blue and white color mix can easily nail a meeting 😉

Twitter: @shirinhossein

Instagram: @shirinhossein

Travel in Style…


Packing is one of the things that I am great at… I always prepare my check –lists after having  a look on the country where I am heading: its weather, the activities and people’s style; so I would choose the right outfits to pack with me…

What makes Packing even better is my Louis Vitton travel bags set… the hands bad now come with a printed picture on…Just love this cute elephant on mine 🙂

Twitter: @shirinhossein

Instagram: @shirinhossein

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