Maison M Straw Hats


The classiest accessory a lady can wear… This straw hat by Maison Michel – one of the most prestigious fashion houses – ads a genuine and elegant touch to your Summer outfits…

Check out the below outfit ideas


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My exclusive Ibo Marcara


Exclusive hand painted Panama hats by Ibo- marcara… A chic and luxury brand…

The hat design reflects Greek magnificence in combination with the tropical beauty of South America… Each ibo-Maraca hat is a unique piece of art, hand painted by and signed by distinguished Greek artists…

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Winter Hats

My favorite winter accessories are hats… Check out this satin hat that I found at “Harrods” Store…


Hats will keep you warmer and most of all stylish 😉


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‘Maison Michel’ Hats


I am a big fan of Hats… Whether it is the summer or the winter season…

“Maison Michel” is one of my favourite’s brands…. Recognized for its expertise in experimenting with new shapes and materials… the company creates hats for the studios of the world’s most prestigious fashion houses like Chanel & Dior…


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Handmade Greek Hat…


If you ask any Fashionista in Mykonos about a boutique where we can shop for clothes & accessories, she would definitely recommend “Jorjy Boutique” Trendy and stylish clothes and accessories for men and women, by European and American designers.

As for me I was interested in the Greek artists items, so I can get to know the country better and have some kind of a bonding… So I picked this genuine hand painted Panama hat from distinguished Greek Artists…

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Hats Trend for this Summer…

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You can always make your outfit stand out just by choosing the right accessories. Hats have always been a vital detail for completely transforming your look from the most casual one to something chic and extravagant. Fascinators, caps, berets, turbans, floppy or panama hats can be the right finishing touch that will make you the ultimate head turner.

Famous fashionistas like Princess Kate Middleton and Sarah Jessica Parker are living examples of how hats can steal the show. And this summer is definitely the right time to start your hat collection.

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