Piece of Art by Hermes


I instantly fell for this piece of art… Hermes doesn’t stop surprising me with their bags…

Summer colorful Birkin with a port flawless drawing for my outdoor beach brunches…

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My black vintage Chanel


The instant classics…. Vintage Chanel Bags

High quality, luxurious, sexy, iconic and little bit of Magic

Vintage Chanel bags have become such symbols because of the influential style-makers who have carried the iconic bags over the years…

Such as Princess Diana, Audrey Hepburn, Rihanna and many more…


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A must-have by Chanel


Your must-have bag for the Sunny season…

White medium size bag by Chanel… It goes well with all your bright colors outfits…

Right size… Right color… Right Chanel…

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Kelly and Tchi Tchi


Lovely couple ;)…. My Hermes Kelly bag in “Rouge Pivoine” Clemence Red Leather, GHW, 32cm and my Tchi Tchi Doll….

The hardest to acquire handbag in the world… The Hermes Birkin… Unique shape… Thin straps… Metal plates on the end of each strap…

Accessorizing my bag would personalize it… Nothing beat the Tchi Tchi Dolls when it comes to that… Attractive charming customized design…

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My new Chanel bag


You can’t make everyone happy you’re not a #Chanel bag…

Chanel is known for their exclusive and exquisite bags… Loving the new classy Chanel bag design… it has bigger size and different dimensions…  This cross-body large bag is perfect for my touristic trips…

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My Big Celine Bag


Loving the look… The leather… The structure and they can carry a lot… Just ideal!



Celine keeps amazing me with its ultimate bad designs… I chose the green bag because it can twist the colors of my dark winter outfits…

Check out my attached outfit… The mix of colors…



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My Céline Box Bags Collection

Check out my collection of Céline box bags! I loved this bag and got it in different colors and prints

Crocodile Céline Box Bag



Authentic blue sky Celine Box Bag



Classy Céline Box Bag



And finally my special Céline bag 😉 Navy Blue- Dark Green colored


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Man2ouché Clutch


#Man2ouche… A Lebanese traditional pastry… you can’t miss it when you visit #Lebanon… Whether topped with #thyme, cheese or even meat… Definitely a Must-try 😉


Well this is not a man2ouche in the above attached picture it is actually a clutch in the shape of a man2ouche… Such a creative idea and don’t worry I was also fooled when I first saw it
Stay tuned for many more creative clutches…

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When it’s classy… you can get it in many colors


The box flap bag features a unique push tab closure… it is a Cross-body bag… including many interior compartments and also an interior zipper… It comes with a strap that is adjustable to two lengths… It has also been made in Crocodile, Python, Cobra, Lizard and Pony Hair… Here are my owns!

12030903_10156029877755621_257205407_n 12021731_10156029878075621_853231050_n

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