The River Café London


Blows me away every time…

Setting, Service, Ambience and Food quality… The modern & friendly atmosphere…

An Inventive seasonal Italian cuisine even though I went for some seafood this time… The dishes are fantastic made from fresh seasonal ingredients…

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Benefits of Avocado


When I was visiting South Africa last week… I found the perfect version of one of my favorite fruits… I just love #avocado for the many benefits that it has… It is filled with fats that are good for you which helps to lower bad cholesterol… I add it to my salads and sometimes I get creative when preparing fruit juices

Here are some of the major benefits

  • It promotes weights loss
  • Reduces risks of certain cancers
  • Lower cholesterol
  • Boosts heart health
  • Absorbs other Nutriment


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New places… New cuisines


Every once and a while I travel to discover a new destination all around the world… I always prepare a must do list… I need to visit the most popular monuments… the oldest streets… the highest mountains… most importantly is to try their traditional food and go to the best recommended restaurants…

Once you taste the food that means the most for the people you will get to know better their culture… their backgrounds… it is there taste!!


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What cooking means to me!


There is no doubt that cooking has gone from being a necessity to something approaching a craft… What I love the most about cooking is the pleasure that food gives, both to others and to myself… When I am cooking I can get so creative mixing flavors, colors, things that go well together on a plate… Cooking is a act of love showing yourself and others how much you care

Stay tuned for the upcoming blog posts when I will be sharing some of my secrets recipes….

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