Fendi Beachwear


Every vacation closet needs be filled with Fendi’s beachwear….

The label’s bold bikinis are approved for sunny beach days…

With an expert finish courtesy of skilled Italian artisans, these form-fitting styles are versatile favorites…

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A winter Outfit

During the cold winter season in London it is hard to choose outfits keeping you warm and keeping up your own style… But not impossible for sure 😉

Check out my attached Winter outfit…


Black thick legging but still not hiding my body shape…

Shoes is the most important factor… when your feet are warm your whole body is… That is why I chose this “Azzaro” ankle black boots” … In addition to this stylish jacket by “Fendi”…

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My Classical denim look


Denim is strongly back…

For a denim classy look, check out the above attached outfit…

  • Jeans and denim jacket with different denim shades
  • black basic
  • my black “Masion M” hat
  • Light blue “Hermes”
  • “Fendi” sunglasses

This outfit suits perfectly a cruise 😉

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Peekaboo by Fendi


A Bag full of chicness…

A modern bag with that can accompany your finest dresses with the versatility to match your favorite top and pants…

The beige color is taking the largest space on this bag… Beige matches my winter wardrobe colors

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When travelling… Do it with style


Travelling, discovering new places and getting to know new people are my favourite things to do… I just feel so alive…

When travelling we are always on a hurry…. worried… we find ourselves not even having time to pick the right outfit… For that matter we can at least pick our classic accessories to make sure that we are always in style 😉

In the attached picture you can see;

  • Classy Chanel Handbag
  • Louis Vitton suitcase
  • Patterned Fendi Sunglasses

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My Handbags accessories collection

This latest trend is getting my attention… it is the twist of the outfits… my favourites are Fendi’s and the Tchi Tchi dolls

 12030722_10156029743250621_842546093_n 12030782_10156029743365621_226114033_n 12030957_10156029743225621_415733123_n 12033438_10156029743690621_2059073333_n

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Dare to cary a Fuchsia Fendi…


A blend of deep pink and blue…

A fuchsia handbag inspires confidence, assurance and maturity… a more responsible and controlled nurturing and love.

I find it very daring to cary a fuchsia handbag… Dare to hold a Fendi one 😉

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Micro Bags by Fendi for the season


Carry small yet be noticed… It might sound weird but it is the newest trend… Let me introduce you to the new Micro Handbags from Fendi… from the Spring Summer 2015 collection

N. B.: Weird enough this bad makes you look taller… I found it too difficult to resist


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