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Balenciaga Beach Bag


A chic straw and canvas tote will carry you through Memorial weekend and beyond… The Balenciaga raffia totes are literally the only luxurious straw bags… Being one of the most iconic fashion houses in the world and using a city textures leather tote 😉

My one and only choice for a beach bag…

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Piece of Art by Hermes


I instantly fell for this piece of art… Hermes doesn’t stop surprising me with their bags…

Summer colorful Birkin with a port flawless drawing for my outdoor beach brunches…

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My Boyfriend’s shirt


For an easy going look…  Something that you can just throw on & feel comfortable in But also look chic!

Boyfriend’s shirt is a wardrobe staple for this summer!!

You can wear it for an office look, It would be just perfect tucked in a pencil skirt, office pants, with heels and a blazer on top 😉 ; and it can also be the ultimate option for an everyday casual look with a skinny jeans or cutoffs

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Jo Malone New Frangrances


The new five scents from the Jo Malone Herb Garden Collection…  I just fell in love with the concept and the fragrance range…

The Herbal Gardens are quintessentially British… Much like the Jo Malone brand itself – this mix couldn’t be more perfect and I dare anyone to try this line up and not fall in love….

Fresh, green and childhood memory educing…

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My summer statement bag


In Love with my Celine Ruby Supersoft calfskin small trotteur shoulder bag… Very versatile cross-body bag that can also be used as a clutch… It matches most of my black & white outfits


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My yellow Tiffany Diamond


Yellow isn’t always an easy color to wear… BUT when it comes to DIAMONDS, sunny hues are the most seducing for jewellery lovers…

My Tiffany Yellow Diamonds ring … A symbol of the highest standards of quality and craftsmanship…

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Maisons de Haute Couture


Whether the “rue Cambon” for the House of Chanel… The “rue Saint-Martin” for Jean-Paul Gaultier or the Avenue Georges-V for Stéphane Rolland… The history of each fashion house is often closely associated with a Parisian address… The authors highlight here the doors of a dozen of these high places of fashion…


They lead us VIP reception rooms, exceptional architectural heritage, light intimacy of garment factories… They invite the backstage of fashion shows, following the lives of those who make fashion, patiently, sketch after sketch, thread after thread, bead after bead….  A unique immersion in often inaccessible to the public spaces in the heart of the creation and elegance “French”…

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Blue in Paris


Blue symbolizes trust, loyalty and confidence… Wearing blue in Paris symbolizes how this city makes me feel… I trust its entire love vibes… I am loyal to its distinguish atmosphere… I cannot feel more confident when I am walking down its streets… LOVING PARIS

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New windows…


Keep creating new windows from which to look at your world… The windows that makes you happier… The windows that keeps you true to yourself… Simply the beautiful windows…

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