Going Vintage for the season


Let’s take a look at the top fashion trends for fall and winter 2015… Vintage is on the top of the list 😉

My favourite vintage items are the dresses having Feminine shapes and unique silhouettes; we can mention the flare and ruffled skirts… when it comes to the colors I prefer the warm ones  for single colors dresses but as for the multi colors ones a light flowery pattern with a smooth white background…  As you can see in the attached pictures…

Stay tuned for some outfits from my vintage wardrobe!

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Cruise dress


“Stars on Board” is coming soon I am extremely excited to be part of this yearly cruise… I have started preparing the outfits that I would like to wear…

Dresses would be my first choices to wear on the cruise… Short ones… bright colors… Sexy design… Check out in the picture above the lights green short dress that will go first into my suitcase 😉

Twitter: @shirinhossein

Instagram: @shirinhossein

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