Rene Caovilla Luxurious Boots


Casual stylish boots took over the runaways of the cold season…

Boots are comfortable and keep you warm along the cold season… But still you need to choose a stylish one 😉

A Rene Caovilla Swarovski crystal, suede and leather biker boots was the one I chose… Couldn’t find a more stylish and luxurious one…



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my “Harry Winston” ring


Harry Winston ring “the green stone Safaya”… The brand continues to set the standard for the ultimate in fine jewelry and high-end watchmaking… The Jewelry Designer “Harry Winston” was Known throughout his life as the “King of Diamonds,” and the “Jeweler to the Stars”…

One of my all time favorite Jewelry designers

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Express your uniqueness


A woman’s clothing truly reflects what’s inside, the Beautiful you… I so agree with my Chanel on that… Ladies!  Look Beautiful and Noticeable wherever you go… Express your uniqueness inside and out…

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My little black dress

The Mini black dress has always been a must have in our closet… we have been always used to its tight shape showing the shapes of our bodies…


Recently in all the runaways we have recognized a serious cut change of that mini black dress in addition to using a different kind of Fabric… As we can see in the picture below the Novelty sexy cut and solid patchwork for the fabrics…


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A Clutch with my initials on


I first noticed L’afshar bags on Paris Vogue online website… I was curious to know the person behind these creations…

It was a big surprise! Lilian Afshar a 24 year’s old talented designer based in Dubai… she had many marble clutches, they are all distinguish and refined… I went for the Classic marble clutch… she also added my initials on it… 🙂


Twitter: @shirinhossein

Instagram: @shirinhossein

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