Day in Bogota Colombia


Breathtaking view… I would never forget this moment when I was at the top of “Cerro de Monserrate Bogota”… Considered to be the leading centre of the culture in Colombia…

Close your eyes and make a wish!



And then I got the most wonderful Brunch… Loved the cookies and for sure the fruity healthy part…

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Once Upon Time at Bogota Colombia



Always looking for sunny countries… A small gateaway from London’s clouds to Bogota Colombia… Wearing one of my favorite sunglasses… Filipa Sunglasses by LOEWE… The acetate screen sunglasses with Havana degradé frame are also very trendy and eye catching…


It is nice to have a pair of transparent sunglasses… Sometimes you actually need to put sunglasses on and you also would like to make eye contact with people…

Filipa Sunglasses by LOEWE is the perfect pair for that…

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Colombia’s serenity


Even if you live in a vibrant city like London and have an exciting job and active social life, nothing can replace the unique experiences traveling offers… Colombia is my new destination…

Colombia is the most bio-diverse country per square meter in the world. … With its vast rain forests, sprawling savannas, huge mountains… Can’t wait to discover it…

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