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Glimpse of my CHANEL Bags Collection

Chanel’s classiness is so hard to beat… check out a glimpse of my Chanel bags collection…











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My black vintage Chanel


The instant classics…. Vintage Chanel Bags

High quality, luxurious, sexy, iconic and little bit of Magic

Vintage Chanel bags have become such symbols because of the influential style-makers who have carried the iconic bags over the years…

Such as Princess Diana, Audrey Hepburn, Rihanna and many more…


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Giving it a classy twist… Chanel

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Whatever outfit I am wearing… Trendy jumpsuit…  Pancho… Long summer dress…

I always would like to give a classy twist for my outfits, no matter how modern they are, the best one I can choose is a Chanel bag…

Check out in the attached photos some of my Chanel bags…

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A Chanel with a twist


Chanel’s bags are well know by their classy look… they all come in single colors… a common design for all the bags… Any Chanel bag can goes with all the seasons…

… But there are exceptions 😉 … As you can see in the picture above it is a Chanel bag with a pattern… even though it is not a single color it goes well with many casual outfits…

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Balmain & Chanel… Perfect match


I have a long day… full of meetings and get-togethers… I need a classy still modern outfit… Black and white contrast would be the answer…

Balmain Blazers are my favourites… their timeless style and royal design always get my attention… Went with the white color to light up my face … to wrapped it up Chanel clutch stood on Balmain’s side

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Snake-skin Casual Handbags


Snake-skin bags were usually held in special occasions… Whenever there was a wedding party or a Gala dinner… It is not the case anymore… Snake-skin bags are now everyday casual accessories… All the brands now have Snake-skin bags collections for formal and casual occasion…

You can check above my everyday snake-skin bag by Chanel…

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Instagram: @shirinhossein

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