Summer jumpsuit by “Stella Maccartney”


Nothing beats wearing a jumpsuit this Summer… A one piece that instantly places you into the fashion forward category… And also super easy to put on when you’re in a hurry!

STELLA MACCARTNEY always has a twist with her designs…  I instantly fell for one of her latest black jumpsuits from Summer 2016 Collection

Loose black fabric… Modern still elegant design… Just a Perfect black basic summer outfit…

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Balenciaga Beach Bag


A chic straw and canvas tote will carry you through Memorial weekend and beyond… The Balenciaga raffia totes are literally the only luxurious straw bags… Being one of the most iconic fashion houses in the world and using a city textures leather tote 😉

My one and only choice for a beach bag…

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Chanel Cuff Bracelet


Cuff bracelets are a timeless trend …

Classic luxury accessories… I believe when adding them cuffs to your outfits you look ‘haute’ than usual 😉

These bracelets can be made from fine, precious and semi-precious materials… I just love the Chanel ones you can see my cuffs a hint of my collection in the pictures below…


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Jo Malone New Frangrances


The new five scents from the Jo Malone Herb Garden Collection…  I just fell in love with the concept and the fragrance range…

The Herbal Gardens are quintessentially British… Much like the Jo Malone brand itself – this mix couldn’t be more perfect and I dare anyone to try this line up and not fall in love….

Fresh, green and childhood memory educing…

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My summer statement bag


In Love with my Celine Ruby Supersoft calfskin small trotteur shoulder bag… Very versatile cross-body bag that can also be used as a clutch… It matches most of my black & white outfits


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My yellow Tiffany Diamond


Yellow isn’t always an easy color to wear… BUT when it comes to DIAMONDS, sunny hues are the most seducing for jewellery lovers…

My Tiffany Yellow Diamonds ring … A symbol of the highest standards of quality and craftsmanship…

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Christian Louboutin once said…


Better choose your shoes wisely…

I’m sure you’ve heard the phrase about walking in someone else’s shoes… it’s absolutely the case: there’s nothing so alienating or confusing than feeling like you’re walking about in the wrong pair…

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My Cartier Classic Bracelet


I always choose my hand accessories very carefully… I make sure to keep it as classy and refined as possible…

One of my favorite and most wore bracelets is the Cartier Bracelet from the “Juste un Clou collection” originally designed by Aldo Cipullo in 1970…

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Glimpse of my CHANEL Bags Collection

Chanel’s classiness is so hard to beat… check out a glimpse of my Chanel bags collection…











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Instagram: @shirinhossein

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