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Sexy black suit


For a formal look yet sexy… A Slim fit black casual suit with a twist…

Black Basic

Straight cut Dolce & Gabana pants

Slim fit blazer by Balmain

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Elegance is…


ELEGANCE is BEAUTY that shows unusual effectiveness and simplicity…

Elegance is a statement… An attitude…  It is being confident and always remembered

Makeup by Maya Yammine

Hair by Elie Abou Zeid

Photo by Sharbel Bou Mansour

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Esquel by Xerjoff… Scent of the year


Scent of the year… Esquel by Xerjoff a new flacon in the classic shape from Shooting Stars collection…

A beautiful chic pink color with highlighting golden details…

It is known for freshness and elegance coming from orange blossom, Italian bergamot, Bulgarian rose absolute and Florentine iris…

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Healthy Breakfast essentials


Part of my happiness depends on a leisurely breakfast…

The 3 essentials of a healthy breakfast

  1. Lean Protein: Feeling fuller longer
  2. Whole Grains: staying sharp and focused throughout the day
  3. Fruit (or Vegetables): For more vitamins, minerals

Check out my breakfast for today in the above attached picture… A fresh pineapple, some fruit juice mix and fat free pancakes (whole grain + lean protein)…  And I am so ready to kick off my day…

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Super Healthy Juices to boost your Morning


Morning super healthy juices to boost my energy… Dropping that first caffeine kick … nothing beats a glass of freshly squeezed juice packed with enzymes and nutrients…

Check out the ultimate Lemon and mint drink


  • 8 cups filtered water
  • 1 freshly squeezed lemon
  • 2 lemons, (slice the lemons thinly)
  • Lots of ice-cubes
  • A handful of fresh mint

A Lemon and Mint Drink make a refreshing summer beverage.  You can also drink this mix when you body needs a healthy cleanse or to boost your digestion.

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Gucci Blacks Pants


Black is one of my happy colors… Especially when wearing my black classy Gucci pants… Loving its Italian cut and fabric…

One of my favourite sport-chic outfits for this Spring…

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Beige “Simple Pump” by Louboutin


The ever-graceful “Simple Pump” every lady should have in her closet by Christian Louboutin… An everlasting Classy design… Passe-par-tout height 😉 …

and the beige color is the most suitable for all our Sunny season outfits…

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Kelly and Tchi Tchi


Lovely couple ;)…. My Hermes Kelly bag in “Rouge Pivoine” Clemence Red Leather, GHW, 32cm and my Tchi Tchi Doll….

The hardest to acquire handbag in the world… The Hermes Birkin… Unique shape… Thin straps… Metal plates on the end of each strap…

Accessorizing my bag would personalize it… Nothing beat the Tchi Tchi Dolls when it comes to that… Attractive charming customized design…

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my “Harry Winston” ring


Harry Winston ring “the green stone Safaya”… The brand continues to set the standard for the ultimate in fine jewelry and high-end watchmaking… The Jewelry Designer “Harry Winston” was Known throughout his life as the “King of Diamonds,” and the “Jeweler to the Stars”…

One of my all time favorite Jewelry designers

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