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Tea Time with my Céline


Spring is nature’s way to say let’s party… So how about an afternoon tea party… Casual Black simple outfit… And the most wonderful green belt bag by Celine

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A Beirut Morning


Throwback to when I was in Beirut at Villa Clara Mar Mekhayel just nearby the downtown of the city…

Authentic Atmosphere to die for…

History is written all over it…

I just can’t get enough of this old architecture and these vintage places… Missing Beirut Mornings…

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Gucci Blacks Pants


Black is one of my happy colors… Especially when wearing my black classy Gucci pants… Loving its Italian cut and fabric…

One of my favourite sport-chic outfits for this Spring…

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My Black Fendi dress


The Fendi dresses Collection for women got my whole attention in the past fall/ winter season… the small feather accessories were all over the place!

I chose this classy cute black dress from the latest collection… Loving the high-end fabric and the cute feather on the edges…

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Beige “Simple Pump” by Louboutin


The ever-graceful “Simple Pump” every lady should have in her closet by Christian Louboutin… An everlasting Classy design… Passe-par-tout height 😉 …

and the beige color is the most suitable for all our Sunny season outfits…

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Kelly and Tchi Tchi


Lovely couple ;)…. My Hermes Kelly bag in “Rouge Pivoine” Clemence Red Leather, GHW, 32cm and my Tchi Tchi Doll….

The hardest to acquire handbag in the world… The Hermes Birkin… Unique shape… Thin straps… Metal plates on the end of each strap…

Accessorizing my bag would personalize it… Nothing beat the Tchi Tchi Dolls when it comes to that… Attractive charming customized design…

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Rene Caovilla Luxurious Boots


Casual stylish boots took over the runaways of the cold season…

Boots are comfortable and keep you warm along the cold season… But still you need to choose a stylish one 😉

A Rene Caovilla Swarovski crystal, suede and leather biker boots was the one I chose… Couldn’t find a more stylish and luxurious one…



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My photoshoot at “Villa Clara” Beirut


Felt at home as I entered…

A charming place with a bright romantic garden… Furnished with warm colours, high ceiling and old mosaic marbled floor… Showcasing lots of art pieces…

Lots of history all over the place… Each piece of furniture and home accessory is signed by the most talented international designers… There is a story to tell in each and every item…

An Authentic French atmosphere… Not to mention the exquisite French dishes and deserts…

My photoshoot at Villa Clara was such a wonderful experience… Especially Being surrounded by its lovely staff and there genuine care…


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Rose Gold Richard Mille’s watch


Finally a ladies’ watch by Richard Mille… Expressing his feminine side with the RM07-01… A rose gold watch dolled up with a diamond-encrusted bezel… Raindrop-shaped indexes completing the elegant picture… Beautifully befits my wrist…


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