Relaxing in Barbados


When in need of a truly restful and relaxing vacation, look no further than the Caribbean island of Barbados…

Sense of calm and clarity….  I spend most of my vacations on the beach or at the lake…  Enjoying the water… Refreshing my body and soul… Nothing but peacefulness, unity & satisfaction…


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My exclusive Ibo Marcara


Exclusive hand painted Panama hats by Ibo- marcara… A chic and luxury brand…

The hat design reflects Greek magnificence in combination with the tropical beauty of South America… Each ibo-Maraca hat is a unique piece of art, hand painted by and signed by distinguished Greek artists…

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Instagram: @shirinhossein

A Little piece of paradise in Barbados


At Sandy Lane Beach, Saint James, Barbados…

Treat yourself to a little luxury… Life’s too short just to think about it…

Enjoying the white sands and the blue Carribean….

One of the nicest beaches I have been to….

Everything you could wish for…

Sandy Lane Beach, St. James, Barbados
Sandy Lane Beach, St. James, Barbados

Twitter: @shirinhossein

Instagram: @shirinhossein


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