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Piece of Art by Hermes


I instantly fell for this piece of art… Hermes doesn’t stop surprising me with their bags…

Summer colorful Birkin with a port flawless drawing for my outdoor beach brunches…

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Bottega Veneta vintage clutch


Fifty shades of grey clutch…

My Bottega Veneta luxurious vintage clutch… Suits any occasion & any outfit…

Bottega Veneta is an Upmarket Italian brand specialized in leather handbags…

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My new Chanel bag


You can’t make everyone happy you’re not a #Chanel bag…

Chanel is known for their exclusive and exquisite bags… Loving the new classy Chanel bag design… it has bigger size and different dimensions…  This cross-body large bag is perfect for my touristic trips…

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My Big Celine Bag


Loving the look… The leather… The structure and they can carry a lot… Just ideal!



Celine keeps amazing me with its ultimate bad designs… I chose the green bag because it can twist the colors of my dark winter outfits…

Check out my attached outfit… The mix of colors…



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My newest Céline Classic Box


I just can’t get enough of my Celine bags…

Here is another Celine Classic Box! I chose it for its warm fall colors… The mix of dark yellow & black is classy and it suits my cold outfits…

The leather is very high quality… in addition to the strap that can allow me to hold it as a clutch or as a casual cross-body bag…

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My Favorite Clutches


My classic Marble clutch with my initials on by Lilian Afshar!


My Bottega Veneta luxurious vintage clutch… Smooth color


Nothing matches my Balmain white blazer more than my classy Chanel clutch… A perfect match

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Shirin’s Tchi Tchis


I usually go for the classic single color bags and I have always thought that accessorizing my bag would personalize it…

The Tchi Tchi dolls were launched last summer by Fadia Mekdad a Lebanese TV presenter and fashionista… and I fell right away for these cute, furry and shiny little dolls… you cannot but to be attracted for its charming customized design, here is few of my collection…

11759480_10155829307590621_276735383_n 11774521_10155829308285621_1828093639_n

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Instagram: @shirinhossein

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