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Chanel Cuff Bracelet


Cuff bracelets are a timeless trend …

Classic luxury accessories… I believe when adding them cuffs to your outfits you look ‘haute’ than usual 😉

These bracelets can be made from fine, precious and semi-precious materials… I just love the Chanel ones you can see my cuffs a hint of my collection in the pictures below…


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My exclusive Ibo Marcara


Exclusive hand painted Panama hats by Ibo- marcara… A chic and luxury brand…

The hat design reflects Greek magnificence in combination with the tropical beauty of South America… Each ibo-Maraca hat is a unique piece of art, hand painted by and signed by distinguished Greek artists…

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“Delfina Delettrez Fendi”diamond rings


“Delfina Delettrez Fendi” one of my favorite jewelry designer…

One of the youngest and the most successful in her field… She has redefined modern high jewelry through her unusual and often surreal creations.

I chose these “Rose Gold Diamond rings”… Perfect for adding some glamour to a simple outfit…

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My Sunshine by amouage


“SUNSHINE” from the midnight flower collection by Amouage … My new white floral fragrance…

It includes almond, davana, black currant, osmanthus, jasmine, vanilla, magnolia, cade, patchouli, papyrus and white tobacco…

I love this fragrance… it is spicy, aromatic and oriental…

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Bottega Veneta vintage clutch


Fifty shades of grey clutch…

My Bottega Veneta luxurious vintage clutch… Suits any occasion & any outfit…

Bottega Veneta is an Upmarket Italian brand specialized in leather handbags…

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Summer shoot


“Accept change… Let go… Free yourself…

You will begin to see your life as an exciting adventure…”

Summer shoot…Different look… Blue relaxing colors..

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The ” Peninsula Paris”


For the first time in this new Peninsula Hotel and was absolutely thrilled by what we got and how I was treated….

The staff is of an extraordinary natural friendliness always prepared to help…

The room leaves not wishes open, breakfast was excellent and the Hotel as such is just breath-taking beautiful…

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Must Have Summer 06 Bags


White medium size bag by Chanel… It goes well with your casual & formal outfits…


A unique design… My classic Marble clutch… With my initials on … By a great designer and a dear friend Lilian Afshar…



Authentic cross-body snake leather blue sky box bag by Celine…

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A Positive Morning


Waking up everyday and telling myself “I can do this”… Morning affirmations are the ones drawing the rest of your day… So let them be true, constructive and most of all POSITIVE… Have a wonderful day guys

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