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My 2015 top 3 sunglasses


Filipa Sunglasses by LOEWE: The acetate screen sunglasses with Havana degradé frame is light, trendy and eye catching



Porshe Design Sunglasses: The first sunglasses in the world with interchangeable lens mechanism. With a quick release, the lenses can exchanged for replacement lenses to be prepared for different lighting conditions



Patterned vintage Fendi Sunglasses

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My Céline Box Bags Collection

Check out my collection of Céline box bags! I loved this bag and got it in different colors and prints

Crocodile Céline Box Bag



Authentic blue sky Celine Box Bag



Classy Céline Box Bag



And finally my special Céline bag 😉 Navy Blue- Dark Green colored


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Hand diamond accessories


Hand accessories are getting more popular… I have always liked to wear rings and watches… but I never thought that I might wear this full hand accessory…

Check out the attached picture… Before trying it I didn’t expect it to look that elegant on my hand… I just love its sparkling diamonds ❤

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A winter Outfit

During the cold winter season in London it is hard to choose outfits keeping you warm and keeping up your own style… But not impossible for sure 😉

Check out my attached Winter outfit…


Black thick legging but still not hiding my body shape…

Shoes is the most important factor… when your feet are warm your whole body is… That is why I chose this “Azzaro” ankle black boots” … In addition to this stylish jacket by “Fendi”…

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Going Vintage for the season


Let’s take a look at the top fashion trends for fall and winter 2015… Vintage is on the top of the list 😉

My favourite vintage items are the dresses having Feminine shapes and unique silhouettes; we can mention the flare and ruffled skirts… when it comes to the colors I prefer the warm ones  for single colors dresses but as for the multi colors ones a light flowery pattern with a smooth white background…  As you can see in the attached pictures…

Stay tuned for some outfits from my vintage wardrobe!

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My Classical denim look


Denim is strongly back…

For a denim classy look, check out the above attached outfit…

  • Jeans and denim jacket with different denim shades
  • black basic
  • my black “Masion M” hat
  • Light blue “Hermes”
  • “Fendi” sunglasses

This outfit suits perfectly a cruise 😉

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My Favorite Clutches


My classic Marble clutch with my initials on by Lilian Afshar!


My Bottega Veneta luxurious vintage clutch… Smooth color


Nothing matches my Balmain white blazer more than my classy Chanel clutch… A perfect match

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Man2ouché Clutch


#Man2ouche… A Lebanese traditional pastry… you can’t miss it when you visit #Lebanon… Whether topped with #thyme, cheese or even meat… Definitely a Must-try 😉


Well this is not a man2ouche in the above attached picture it is actually a clutch in the shape of a man2ouche… Such a creative idea and don’t worry I was also fooled when I first saw it
Stay tuned for many more creative clutches…

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A glimpse of my London fall streetstyle

I chose some of my Streetstyle everyday outfits to share with you… Just Simple & casual 🙂


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