I am Shirin Hossein and I am a fashionista by nature. I have always had a passion for fashion and I like to travel and explore the world. I have been exposed to different cultures and fashion styles and I enjoy this enriching diversity and reflect it in what I do.

My motto in life is “do everything with love and style”. I know very well that putting my heart, mind and soul into even my smallest acts will bring me success.

In my blog shirinhosseinworld.com, I will share with you my love and my experiences in Fashion and Travel. I will be with you every day with the latest fashion trends and tips, my fashion favorites, and my travel recommendations and the places and wonders to visit around the world. Make my blog your go-to place when looking for inspiration.

I live, I breath, I laugh … and I do so with passion, compassion , some humor and of course with style.

Enjoy the journey with me