April 2016

Let yourself be…


First impressions last…  Sending out the right messages with how you look… Reflect the level of success you’re aspiring to… Let yourself be…

Be the classy, elegant women look effortlessly stylish… Feel it anytime and any day…

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Must Have Summer 06 Bags


White medium size bag by Chanel… It goes well with your casual & formal outfits…


A unique design… My classic Marble clutch… With my initials on … By a great designer and a dear friend Lilian Afshar…



Authentic cross-body snake leather blue sky box bag by Celine…

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Instagram: @shirinhossein

A Positive Morning


Waking up everyday and telling myself “I can do this”… Morning affirmations are the ones drawing the rest of your day… So let them be true, constructive and most of all POSITIVE… Have a wonderful day guys

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From Monte Carlo to St Tropez


My spring euro discovery vacation is getting more and more exciting…

For a change I decided to have a road trip from Monte Carlo to St Tropez… you can’t imagine how much things looked different for me… Even though this is not my first time at these magnificent cities…

Road trips are this summer resolution…

You can check the videos on my snapchat account: Shirinhp

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A Paris Morning


A  #Paris morning…   In an authentic, European-style cafe…  In the heart of the Champs Elysees…

No doubt that it is the most Romantic city I have ever been to…

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Blue in Paris


Blue symbolizes trust, loyalty and confidence… Wearing blue in Paris symbolizes how this city makes me feel… I trust its entire love vibes… I am loyal to its distinguish atmosphere… I cannot feel more confident when I am walking down its streets… LOVING PARIS

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New windows…


Keep creating new windows from which to look at your world… The windows that makes you happier… The windows that keeps you true to yourself… Simply the beautiful windows…

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Tea Time with my Céline


Spring is nature’s way to say let’s party… So how about an afternoon tea party… Casual Black simple outfit… And the most wonderful green belt bag by Celine

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Paris je t’aime…


April is the best month of year to visit the most romantic City in the world… Paris… It feels wonderful to witness Spring here… and my Paris vacation is ON

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Instagram: @shirinhossein

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