January 2016

Day in Bogota Colombia


Breathtaking view… I would never forget this moment when I was at the top of “Cerro de Monserrate Bogota”… Considered to be the leading centre of the culture in Colombia…

Close your eyes and make a wish!



And then I got the most wonderful Brunch… Loved the cookies and for sure the fruity healthy part…

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Tom Ford Cosmetics and Skin care



Tom Ford sells sexy better than any brand can… My stunning Skin care and beauty collection by Tom Ford…The line is extremely extensive…

From eye color quads, eye-defining pencils and lipsticks… Shades of liquid foundation and a skincare range…  Completely drenched in Tom Ford Beauty…


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Colorful Furry jackets by Tom Ford

I instantly fell for the colorful furry jackets from the latest winter collection by Tom Ford…

Check out these jackets from Tom Ford cat walk


2 weeks ago when I was in Florence fashion week I found the most amazing furry colorful jacket… check its video on my official Instagram account @shirinhossein

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Once Upon Time at Bogota Colombia



Always looking for sunny countries… A small gateaway from London’s clouds to Bogota Colombia… Wearing one of my favorite sunglasses… Filipa Sunglasses by LOEWE… The acetate screen sunglasses with Havana degradé frame are also very trendy and eye catching…


It is nice to have a pair of transparent sunglasses… Sometimes you actually need to put sunglasses on and you also would like to make eye contact with people…

Filipa Sunglasses by LOEWE is the perfect pair for that…

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Necker Island: an experience like no other


Necker Island is a 74-acre (300,000 m2) island in the British Virgin Islands just north of Virgin Gorda. The whole island operates like a resort and can accommodate up to 28 guests.

A Private Island Paradise!

This is barefoot luxury in a setting that’s just about as exclusive as it gets. Necker Island is located in the Caribbean in the beautiful and unspoiled British Virgin Islands…

Never seen such sandy white beaches & that crystal clear water… It takes you to a whole different level of relaxation & freedom…

One word of warning: once you’ve seen the world in Necker colours, you might not want to leave!


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The Ultimate Breakfast


Breakfast is the most important meal of the day… I always choose what I am going to have very carefully… It should be based on protein and vitamins… And that would include for sure my favourites Salmon and Fruits…

Keep in mind Ladies: have breakfast like a queen lunch like a princess and dine like a pauper

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My Big Celine Bag


Loving the look… The leather… The structure and they can carry a lot… Just ideal!



Celine keeps amazing me with its ultimate bad designs… I chose the green bag because it can twist the colors of my dark winter outfits…

Check out my attached outfit… The mix of colors…



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Colombia’s serenity


Even if you live in a vibrant city like London and have an exciting job and active social life, nothing can replace the unique experiences traveling offers… Colombia is my new destination…

Colombia is the most bio-diverse country per square meter in the world. … With its vast rain forests, sprawling savannas, huge mountains… Can’t wait to discover it…

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My Furry Doll Boots by Fendi

Fendi keeps amazing me with its furry items… adding fur to all kind of accessories in a very refined way… check the Fendi Below items… I just can’t get enough of them…


When I was in Florence last week, I needed a very comfortable and warmy boots, so I chose the below doll furry boot by Fendi… Such an amazing and distinguish style… Loving it



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