November 2015

My Classical denim look


Denim is strongly back…

For a denim classy look, check out the above attached outfit…

  • Jeans and denim jacket with different denim shades
  • black basic
  • my black “Masion M” hat
  • Light blue “Hermes”
  • “Fendi” sunglasses

This outfit suits perfectly a cruise 😉

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My Favorite Clutches


My classic Marble clutch with my initials on by Lilian Afshar!


My Bottega Veneta luxurious vintage clutch… Smooth color


Nothing matches my Balmain white blazer more than my classy Chanel clutch… A perfect match

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Instagram: @shirinhossein


My Black Chanel Poncho

An elegant piece that could work well for day or evening… Perfect item for a Fall-Winter transition…

For a glamorous, sophisticated look I chose a classic Chanel black Poncho…

As we can see the Poncho trend is invading between celebrity


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Shoes… a confidence recipe


As girls… we just love shoes… and we know that we look good in them…

We are more confident when we believe we look good…

With more confidence we can hold our head up and feel like we can do anything, therefore expanding their horizons and possible making the world a better place…

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My Lucie <3

One of my best friends… My lucie… The cutest doggy in the world…





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Man2ouché Clutch


#Man2ouche… A Lebanese traditional pastry… you can’t miss it when you visit #Lebanon… Whether topped with #thyme, cheese or even meat… Definitely a Must-try 😉


Well this is not a man2ouche in the above attached picture it is actually a clutch in the shape of a man2ouche… Such a creative idea and don’t worry I was also fooled when I first saw it
Stay tuned for many more creative clutches…

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A glimpse of my London fall streetstyle

I chose some of my Streetstyle everyday outfits to share with you… Just Simple & casual 🙂


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My winter hats


Hats are so trendy for Fall Winter 2016…

Check out the hats I chose in the attached pictures… these are my classic favorites… they can match any outfit during the day… Whether you are invited for a brunch, lunch or any meeting… But they just do not match formal evening wear…

I also chose the black and the light brown colors… these 2 colors can match our winter outfits.


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Just be yourself…


“Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak” -Rachel Zoe


Everyday when I am getting dressed I think about the message that I would to send…

I think about the impression that I would like to leave in people’s mind…

I think about my transparent choices so everyone would really know who I am quickly 😉


But you always need to accept yourself and express yourself freely… you don’t need to please everybody… just be yourself

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