October 2015

Stars on Board… One of a kind experience


I have been traveling all my life… I have visited all the European cities several times… I never expected that I would feel that excited when visiting them with the wonderful stars from Stars on Board…

It just seemed so different to visit these cities and be in the middle of the sea with all these wonderful people… I feel so blessed to have met all of these stars… so overwhelmed by their STARdust 😉


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Back from “Stars on board”


The amazing trip with the stars came to an end… this was the moment when we reached Genoa: our last destination… the MBC team was there to interview us and get our feedback …

It was hard to share the moment right from board since there was no network… Stay tuned I would be posting all the wonderful stories 😉


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A “Blue Hope”


A very nice scent by Xerjoff…

Blue Hope is a weirdly compelling combination of jasmine, saffron, and cedar…

The opening is fresh with the citruses and it progresses into a nice woody floral…

I like that it’s somewhat fresh but also has depth with the saffron, woody notes and florals…


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Sisley Makeup Remover


Ladies! Don’t you ever sleep without removing your makeup…

This Gentle Makeup Remover is a 3 in 1 product removes makeup from the face and eyes, and tones skin…

It effectively eliminates even the most stubborn makeup from the face and eyes.

Appropriate for those with sensitive eyes and those who wear contact lenses…


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Winter is here and so is my Armani prive amber eccentrico


An unconventional amber…

My favorite winter perfume…

Amber is an enigma… The purest example of the perfumer’s craft; it is not a note but an accord…

A charismatic alchemy of plants and resins inspired by rare mythical ingredients: ancient ambergris and jewel-like amber…

Animal and sea fuse with earth…

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“Peche Cardinal”… My favorite perfume for the past summer


Sweet, blending luscious fruits and mesmerizingly heady white flowers…

Warm, rounded and alluring… It opens with a juicy, light-hearted sweetness that belies its intoxicating nature…

An unabashedly romantic fragrance for those daring enough to wear it.


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My everyday boots collection for this fall


Stella McCartney stylish platform yet very comfortable


Rene Caovilla Swarovski crystal, suede & leather biker boots


Valentino leather colorful boots


Isabel Marant Black leather boots

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Chic jumpsuit by Stella McCartney


On my last trip to Paris I had a very refined dinner at “the Peninsula Paris”…

I was wondering what to wear… I needed a chic outfit, elegant and at the same time sexy…

I chose this chic jumpsuit by Stella McCartney… this jumpsuit was all over the red carpets… Cameron Diaz and Rihanna were among the celebrities who also wore it…


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“Dolce & Gabbana” got me confused


I loved this prêt-a-porter dress by Dolce & Gabbana… it has such a feminism design… tight on the waist and sleeveless…

Even though it’s a classic cut but the prints on the fabrics gave it a totally different aspect…

I was kind of lost if I buy the black or the white one… I was so confused… so I got them both…


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