September 2015

Fur season is back


Winter is actually really cold in London… Kind of hard keeping it stylish and warm at the same time…

Fur would be the answer in cold days… you can wear them in dark or light colors as you can see in my attached pictures…

12032427_10156030074610621_936331516_n 12016520_10156030074280621_970118262_n

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When it’s classy… you can get it in many colors


The box flap bag features a unique push tab closure… it is a Cross-body bag… including many interior compartments and also an interior zipper… It comes with a strap that is adjustable to two lengths… It has also been made in Crocodile, Python, Cobra, Lizard and Pony Hair… Here are my owns!

12030903_10156029877755621_257205407_n 12021731_10156029878075621_853231050_n

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Travel in comfort


Long flights… waiting for hours in the airports… sometimes it takes a day to get from a country to another… At that point being comfortable is all I can think of…

A cotton high quality sweat suit would be my first choice for these kinds of flights… I usually go for bright colors… A light dark jacket… and sneakers… I usually go for the Chanel Sneakers… check out the outfits in the attached pictures


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New places… New cuisines


Every once and a while I travel to discover a new destination all around the world… I always prepare a must do list… I need to visit the most popular monuments… the oldest streets… the highest mountains… most importantly is to try their traditional food and go to the best recommended restaurants…

Once you taste the food that means the most for the people you will get to know better their culture… their backgrounds… it is there taste!!


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A glimpse of my London fall streetstyle

12029054_10156037003250621_1359792586_n 11992070_10156037003120621_421244077_n

Few more days and the autumn season is officially in here… I chose some of my Streetstyle everyday outfits to share with you… Just Simple & casual 🙂


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Cruise dress


“Stars on Board” is coming soon I am extremely excited to be part of this yearly cruise… I have started preparing the outfits that I would like to wear…

Dresses would be my first choices to wear on the cruise… Short ones… bright colors… Sexy design… Check out in the picture above the lights green short dress that will go first into my suitcase 😉

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When travelling… Do it with style


Travelling, discovering new places and getting to know new people are my favourite things to do… I just feel so alive…

When travelling we are always on a hurry…. worried… we find ourselves not even having time to pick the right outfit… For that matter we can at least pick our classic accessories to make sure that we are always in style 😉

In the attached picture you can see;

  • Classy Chanel Handbag
  • Louis Vitton suitcase
  • Patterned Fendi Sunglasses

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A Chanel with a twist


Chanel’s bags are well know by their classy look… they all come in single colors… a common design for all the bags… Any Chanel bag can goes with all the seasons…

… But there are exceptions 😉 … As you can see in the picture above it is a Chanel bag with a pattern… even though it is not a single color it goes well with many casual outfits…

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My Handbags accessories collection

This latest trend is getting my attention… it is the twist of the outfits… my favourites are Fendi’s and the Tchi Tchi dolls

 12030722_10156029743250621_842546093_n 12030782_10156029743365621_226114033_n 12030957_10156029743225621_415733123_n 12033438_10156029743690621_2059073333_n

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