August 2015

Snake-skin Casual Handbags


Snake-skin bags were usually held in special occasions… Whenever there was a wedding party or a Gala dinner… It is not the case anymore… Snake-skin bags are now everyday casual accessories… All the brands now have Snake-skin bags collections for formal and casual occasion…

You can check above my everyday snake-skin bag by Chanel…

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A must have by Hermes


A must-have by Hermes for the Summer… Flat sandals in black Box leather, Havana stitching, leather sole…

I put on this comfortable flat when I go shopping… when I spend a day by the pool… and even with I have a casual outing with my girlfriends…


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Why I love my Celine Box Bags!


  • A Celine Bag’s details are always interesting
  • No logo print, no logo hardware, ever
  • Wardrobe elevators
  • The interior leather is totally soft & luxurious

And the list never ends…


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Authentic Panama Hat I got from Paris…


The Panama hats acquired their name after being commercialized in Panama during the construction of the canal in the early 1900’s… they are crafted from, tequila straw… that is why they are light and fresh…

Love these hats for their genuine & authentic style… A symbol of elegance, luxury and sophistication


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Micro Bags by Fendi for the season


Carry small yet be noticed… It might sound weird but it is the newest trend… Let me introduce you to the new Micro Handbags from Fendi… from the Spring Summer 2015 collection

N. B.: Weird enough this bad makes you look taller… I found it too difficult to resist


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‘Maison Michel’ Hats


I am a big fan of Hats… Whether it is the summer or the winter season…

“Maison Michel” is one of my favourite’s brands…. Recognized for its expertise in experimenting with new shapes and materials… the company creates hats for the studios of the world’s most prestigious fashion houses like Chanel & Dior…


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My Stella Mccartney ‘ready-to-go’


There is no doubt that the “Stella Mccartney” boots were such a transition in the world of shoes in the past years…

Above, you would find my choice for this season…. I call it my ready-to-wear… it is comfortable, high heeled and its beautiful color shades suits it all…

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The Red ‘Tassle’ Sandals by Aquazzura


Wild Thing… Pompom & tassel… A delicate red high heel sandal with intricate lace up tassels a fringed vamp…

This is the ultimate sexy red sandals for the summer… This shoes actual give the women wearing it a distinguish character… And it sure adds slight of confidence 😉

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Return of Headbands


The look dominating the runways is mussed-up, tied back, and most importantly, topped off with a headband.

….bejeweled, flowery, woven, beaded, braided, metallic and embellished with almost anything else you can think of…. The look dominating the runways is mussed-up, tied back, and most importantly, topped off with a headband…

On very specific occasions I like to add a headband to my outfit… A sparkle of style 😉

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