July 2015

Shirin’s Tchi Tchis


I usually go for the classic single color bags and I have always thought that accessorizing my bag would personalize it…

The Tchi Tchi dolls were launched last summer by Fadia Mekdad a Lebanese TV presenter and fashionista… and I fell right away for these cute, furry and shiny little dolls… you cannot but to be attracted for its charming customized design, here is few of my collection…

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Golden watches Era


I believe that your watch says a lot about you… We have recognized in the past 2 years a big highlight on the watches and the accessories matching it…

The most wore watch by celebrities and spotted on the international fashionistas social media account is the golden watch…


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My “Roger Vivier” Diamond shoes


Luxury shoemaker Roger Vivier changed the standards and was always one step ahead of his contemporaries, creating off the cuffs  shoes with materials like lace, tulle, “guipure”, leather, drapery, golden fur, see through plastic, organza, vinyl, feathers or leaves…

But my favorite is the one and only diamond flat black ballerina… it just can’t get any classier…

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Striped swimsuits


I am always with clean-cut, well-defined bikinis that suit your body type… I think now more than ever it is cool to mix and match different bikini tops and bottoms with different materials and colors…

As for me I really like the striped swimsuits, whether it is black & white or colored… it feels that it suits the beach atmosphere! Horizontal lines with different colors…

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My white Chanel leather Canvas


My Chanel white Canvas has been my hero in many recent situations…

Whenever I need a flat, comfortable and stylish shoes, it would be my first choice… I can wear it with a dress, a jeans and even a skirt…

it has become a trend among celebrities… Ladies! keep it in your closet you never know when you might need it!


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Have the courage to…


This is one of my very favorite quotes for Einstein … It celebrates uniqueness and embraces the idea that in order to live, we must not follow, but lead ourselves…

Many influential people in the world walked alone, they realized their potential was only limited when they went with the flow… Have the courage to express yourself and be the person you believe to be…

It makes me kind of wonder why he addressed it to women!

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My love for travel…


I’ve always loved exploring as a kid and being an Iranian British myself, this grew within me a passion of discovering other cultures and learning about new people.

I love all the rush and excitement. Nothing is familiar everything is new, even the simplest things you do in every day life are different when you’re in another country like ordering coffee or taking money from the ATM.

What I love most about traveling is the freedom. I feel  open to new things and new experiences once I’m out of my daily routine. I start acting on impulse and saying yes to almost everything.


Traveling means meeting new people all the time since you’re lost most of the time and need help around. In no other time in my life have I met so many people and made so many new friends in such a short time.  The world is full of friendly, generous people.

Traveling is also about learning. I learn about the people I am visiting away from all the stereotypes planted in our minds by the media. I appreciate cultural  dissimilarities rather than avoiding them.

All of this makes me forever hungry for traveling to new places and filling my passport with stamps from all over the world.

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Hand Chains are back!


The hand chains were very popular in the 1970’s, where the bohemian style and trends took over… Summer 2015 is bringing back this trend with twisted vintage designs slung around finger and clasped in the vicinity of wrists…

You can match them with your nails, for a very soft and feminism appeal


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Fashion flashbacks: Jacqueline Kennedy


Always elegant with a glance of modernity…  The first lady of fashion set her own style…

She was more experimental with her wardrobe than people might think… This is what I admire the most about her style…

She wasn’t afraid to wear bright colors and when in doubt she combined classic black & white…

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